Has your company struggled with endless lists of contacts that are either inaccurate or not interested in what you have to offer?

If so, you are not alone. A lead generation survey was conducted in October of 2014 which found that 59% of companies feel the need to improve the quality of their leads; additionally 21% want to reduce the cost they pay per lead generated. Why poor quality leads are so common? Take a look at these common mistakes in generating B2B leads and learn how Leadsys pro can fix the list building blues.

Not Targeting Your Audience

One of the biggest mistakes which results in poor quality leads, is when audiences are not properly targeted. It is crucial to identify the characteristics of customers who are most likely to want a product or service, and filter leads accordingly. Sounds simple, but far too many list providers do not complete the research to identify quality leads for businesses. Imagine if your company created a CRM system and want to know all the companies who currently use CRM software. Can any lead list provider that you have hired, offered you that? Many search based on one or two more basic filters, but cannot offer in depth, intelligent data. With today’s technological abilities, highly specific information about prospects is available, so there is no reason to waste time with lists that are not targeting your audience.

Investing Too Much Time

Another problem comes when companies generate their lead lists themselves. Not only is it time consuming, but doing so effectively can be tedious without the proper resources. Many businesses start by focusing on the companies they know. However, they will miss out on a wide pool of potential customers. In fact, there’s the potential to find yourself offering products and solutions that those, well-known to you, do not need. Unfortunately, many B2B marketing companies stop at this initial list!

Additional time wastage arenas can be found in determining which companies and individuals might be interested in your organization. This can be researched via website views and those who are already active participants in your database. However, reviewing these stats and analytics can also be quite time consuming. Imagine, the manpower required to review all your current clientele, those who might be interested based on a site visit, and those companies with similar attributes to current clients. You will be spending a good deal of sales time compiling lists! This is not a viable or efficient option.

No Industry Expertise from Providers

Another tell-tale sign that leads might be off, is if the provider has little-to-no expertise in the industry. Look for a provider with a good reputation, an established client base and raving reviews. Additionally, it is helpful if the lead list provider is an expert in your specific industry. If you are an IT professional, look for a provider who can cater to your specific needs.

No Accuracy Protocols

A good question to ask prior to signing a contract with a lead building service is, do they verify data on a regular basis? It is important that providers are constantly checking, as phone numbers, addresses and emails constantly change. To ensure reliable data, the provider needs to have a proactive system in place to continuously ensure accurate information.

Incomplete Data Records

The quality of a lead depends not only on the accuracy, but the thoroughness of the contact details provided. Your database should be complete with a full profile of the lead, which may include, but is not limited to:

  • Full name and Title
  • Phone
  • Business Email
  • Complete Mailing Address
  • Annual Revenue
  • Number of Employees
  • Website URL

If a large amount of the leads provided do not contain in depth information, your results will suffer.

Duplicate Data

Lastly, a common problem many encounter is duplicate data. No company wants to pay for the same lead twice, especially if it was a dead end. There are often duplicate records created because of a small difference in contact details.

When a marketer uploads lead lists with duplicates into the CRM system, it impacts conversion rates, sales forecasting and revenue projections. This can have a very harmful effect on your entire organization because of inaccurate reporting. Providers need to have quality controls in place, in order to identify duplicate contacts and weed them out. Always ask lead providers, what their quality assurance procedures entail.

Enough is Enough!

Maybe you have hired B2B lead generation companies that don’t offer any support regarding the contacts they provide, or those that commit several of the aforementioned mistakes. If so, it is time for a different solution. A lead list provider that can help you save time and actually lead you to more sales. This is where we at Leadsys pro come in.

Who are we?

At Leadsys pro, we offer a reliable data source for marketers, providing targeted prospecting based on an installed technology environment. We provide company and contact information, along with installed technology details. These details allow us to provide you with leads based on a business’s use of particular applications.

For example say you are an IT consultant, specializing in a specific technology, who needs to know which companies are using Microsoft CRM. Leadsys pro can provide access to all the companies using Microsoft CRM in our database, along with the decision makers contact information. With that knowledge, you can then better target your audience.

Furthermore, Leadsys pro won’t leave you to your own efforts to identify prospects. We offer insights to find the prospects that match your specific offerings, and as a result, our clients find more quality leads.

How Do We Do It?

We work through our platform, where you will gain access to 32,000 companies across North America and Europe, as well as 92,000 business contacts. Prospect profiles are real-time and are consistently updated to provide you with the most current insights on prospects and their company’s.

We validate content with unmatched support, guaranteeing 95% data accuracy. As a result, instead of thumbing through dead end contact information which hasn’t been validated, you’ll get more leads that actually lead somewhere. This is thanks to live data members replacing a simple list of researched names and numbers.

How Will Leadsys pro Help You?

Unlike traditional lead list vendors who sell you an Excel spread sheet and send you on your way, we at Leadsys pro offer an intelligent platform with ongoing support. Live data members stay connected with you to ensure support when you need it. Additionally, we offer targeted prospects that can be delivered through our comprehensive online portal. This allows you to overcome challenges often presented with obtaining accurate and relevant lead contact information, allowing you to accelerate your marketing and lead generation activities.

If you are fed up with wasting money investing in dead-end lead lists, Leadsys pro will help you work smarter, instead of harder. Visit us today to sign up for our platform, and connect with the people who need your services and products most. Then you’ll gain the lead quality and support that more than half of companies are searching for today, and you can say goodbye to the list building blues.


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